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91945 dentist

Where can I find a dentist in Lemon Grove?

When you’re faced with a sudden toothache, traumatic injury, or broken dental appliance, it’s important to find a solution fast. And in most cases, the stress and confusion of the moment can feel overwhelming. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be thanks to the timely urgent care offered by your 91945 dentist at Lemon Grove Dental Care. We’re here to service all manner of dental emergency patients, to help them get back to their daily lives with satisfaction and peace of mind.

91945 dentist

Perhaps the most common reason patients seek emergency treatment at their 91945 dentist is the onset of a toothache. Toothaches can be caused by any of a number of underlying oral health issues. Whatever the cause, it’s imperative for patients to seek immediate treatment for a toothache to prevent continued pain and a further downturn in their oral health. The dental pain that we might categorize as a toothache commonly falls into two categories: odontogenic pain—which stems from the nervous tissue of the tooth itself—and non-odontogenic pain—which arises from the surrounding jaw, face, or bone. Whatever the cause of your toothache, your 91945 dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to precisely determine the underlying reason for your discomfort. From there, Dr. Sulzer will be able to proceed with the best possible course of treatment to alleviate the problem along with the associated symptoms and get you back on the road to oral health.

At Lemon Grove Dental Care, we recommend all patients have a plan in place for responding to a dental emergency. The first step is to keep our information handy in the event that you or any member of your family have an urgent dental issue that needs to be promptly addressed. Our experienced and compassionate office team will prioritize your care, and assist you in getting the help you need as soon as possible. When it comes to dealing with a dental emergency, you never have to wait or worry thanks to Lemon Grove Dental Care.

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