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91945 Dentist Office

At Lemon Grove Dental Care, we take pride in keeping you and your children’s smiles feeling healthy, looking great, and protected from harm. Providing a comprehensive range of advanced dental services for all ages, your 91945 dentist office is an exceptional resource for the highest quality preventive, emergency, and cosmetic treatments for your smile. If you or your kids play sports, we are proud to offer fully customized sports mouth guards to protect your smile from harm during your game.

91945 Dentist Office

Playing sports isn’t just a great way to get exercise! It’s also an excellent way to make new friends, develop teamwork skills, and even network! Whether you or your loved ones play sports recreationally or professionally, it’s always important to keep yourself safe from injury. Depending on the sport you play, you may wear a helmet, shin guards, knee pads. But are you wearing a mouthguard? The latest research reveals that wearing a mouthguard significantly lowers the incidence and severity of trauma to the teeth and mouth area in the event of a sports-related accident or injury. At Lemon Grove Dental Care, our 91945 dentist office provides sports mouthguards so that you and your loved ones can stay in the game while protecting your teeth and smile against the consequences of oral trauma. Our mouthguards are carefully contoured to the unique crests and crevices of your bite, fitting securely into place for the most comfortable wear possible. Fabricated with the highest quality plastics, our mouthguards are completely free from harmful BPAs, and offer a highly effective buffer against impact in the event of an injury or accident on the field.

At Lemon Grove Dental Care, as your 91945 dentist office, we’re committed to helping to keep your smile out of harm’s way! From the provision of sports mouthguards, to routine checkups and emergency dental care, you can count on our experienced dentist to keep your smile as happy as it is healthy! To learn more about our comprehensive general, family and cosmetic dental services, schedule your next visit to our office today!

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